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Monthly Archives: May 2023

10 Simple "Beauty Tips For Girls"

10 Simple “Beauty Tips For Girls”

Including 10 simple beauty tips for girls, do not need a lot of equipment Or don’t have much time Just practice regularly can be beautiful. Fashion trends come and go. Unlike the beauty that comes from within the nature of women. That will last forever But if you don’t take care of

Counter Confidential Extra Crispy

Counter Confidential Extra Crispy

Before heading for a night out, a quick trip to your beauty counter is an easy way to freshen up your look. Artists are more than happy to touch up your makeup, or even spruce up your mane with a few soft curls. Hot tools

"Beautiful by Meditating", Fresh & Bright

“Beautiful by Meditating”, Fresh & Bright

Beautiful by Meditating, it don’t believe that meditation calms your mind. When scientists have found that meditation is routine, it can result in a bright and wrinkled complexion. stimulates the cortex. The left hemisphere at the center of the mood is welcomed and affects the

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5 natural ways to treat blemishes, smooth, clear face

Melasma is considered the most worrying problem for girls. So that’s it. because blemishes will occur mainly on the surface especially the cheekbones and forehead The melasma has a wide area and can be seen quite clearly, causing many girls to try to find a way to get rid of