Guardiola ready to play match of the new season

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Josep Guardiola, manager of Manchester City, is confident that he is ready to play the opening match of the new season this weekend against West Ham (August 7). Although deep down. He wants a little more time to The engine gave a brutal form last season.

Closing the 2022 season, City only kicked 3 games ufabet , less than all teams in the ‘ Big 6’ group, chasing from the duel Club America , Bayern Munich and the Community Shield met Liverpool until the disciples ‘ Citysens ‘ worry about weak training or not ? 

But in the 51 -year -old boss corner, said three games left. Then gradually adjust the work page.  

” There’s no reason we won’t be confident for the coming season – it’s illogical, ” the statement told ‘ City TV ‘ 

“ What these young men have accomplished is not only the English Premier League , but also the cups and their step-by-step progression on the European stage. including many other things. ” 

” I don’t know what happens at the end of the season or during the season, I do n’t know . ” 

“ But the most sure thing is knowing that neither my crew nor myself doubted for a second that we weren’t ready to compete. ” 

“ We know where the team standards are and will reach them as soon as possible. Then always keep it. ” 

“ The point that I want to reach is a little bit left. ” 

“ At the moment it’s close to where I want it to be. The warm-up was great against Bayern Munich or at the weekend, there were many positive aspects. ” 

“ Personally, I’m not anxious because we know each other well. I’ve had my head down for a long time. ” 

“ But next game against West Ham and Bournemouth it will be a order to stress the level of performance that has to be done. ” 

“ If the process is not complete We are gradually expanding and developing. It would be that. ” 

City ‘s homework , seen as Erling Braut Haaland’s front goal finish , is still uneven. And who is the real line-up, back four?