Silva regrets Carvalho ‘s diamond falling into the Swan’s lap

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Fulham head coach Marco Silva admits he still misses midfielder Fabio Carvalho. The midfielder he create. But ultimately chose to move to Liverpool. Because youngsters are a diamond. That can be cut into many faces.

Originally a youngster from the U23s , Carvalho was in good shape at Craven Cottage until the arrival of full Silva pushed the 19 – year-old into a pillar last season. Before entering the field, a total of 38 games, scored 11 goals from all items until ‘ Little Rich ‘ was promoted to the highest league.  

However, with his contract expiring in the summer of 2022 , the player refused to extend his commitments with Fulham and ended up at Liverpool, with the Merseyside ufabet club costing up to £ 7.7 million.  

Ask the Portuguese coach if he doesn’t want to lose his weapons to other people. But when a child wants to progress, it is difficult to hold back.  

“ At first he had a hard time inserting a large batch. But he knows it’s the academy boy the club wants to push, ” opening the mouth to ‘ Derio Records ‘ .

“ Even our team had the opportunity to work with him. I feel that this kid has the qualities and qualities to play as a linking midfielder in an offensive game. ” 

“ Overview, the 2021 pre – season has been good, having influenced the game since the first 2-3 matches , but unfortunately got a foot injury for almost two months and a half until there are rumors that he may not continue. contract _ 

“ Fabio is a very talented , good- natured , humble boy , who loves learning to train and play. ” 

“ Brilliant football techniques The ability to play between genres is not an easy feature to find. That is the first perception of his high standards. So it’s not awkward when being assign to stand in that area. ” 

“ It hurts, we lost some important players. But because let it come to the situation where the players entered the final year of contracts. He chose not to continue. Which I, as a coach, can just give up and let the kids go on the way. ” 

“ I did my best but failed. ” 

Fabio has played for Liverpool throughout the pre – season, and the Community Shield has been placed as a central midfielder on the left. The same position as Thiago Alcantara, Naby Keita and Curtis Jones .